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Aug 17, 2009 12:00pm EDT
is a pocket of cool air well off to the west, in helena, montana. denver is that 63. one front will come through mid- week grace secondary system by the end of the week should takit our temperatures make it more refreshing and that front should have an impact on hurricane at bill off the coast. let's look at the storms can and there are two systems. bill is the main one we are focusing on. it is a category one hurricane. winds are at 140 miles per hour. -- 114 miles per hour for it could come -- it could become a storm by wednesday morning. it should stay in the atlantic. we will keep an eye on it. that system may keep it curving out to say. the second system is ana and this system will run into problems with dry air and it will run into the islands in the dominican republic and puerto rico. it is a little bit of a low pressure system with a little stormy nets. -- storminess. at home, you see the energy which is a club that bring rain to the deep south. -- claudette's which will bring into the deep south. two storms we're watching and ana will lose steam because of the dry air. hurr
Aug 14, 2009 12:00pm EDT
win support for health-care overhaul. he will attend a town hall meeting in montana in a few hours. president barack obama is likely to face an angry group when he takes questions from the crowd. meermbs of congress this week at this harsh criticism from people worried about health care reform and how it will impact them. >> my biggest concern is when the government gets involved with any thing, they miss it all up. >> a recent gallup poll shows 49% of americans disapprove of how the president is handling the proposed reform. >>> family members and friends gathered today to pay their respects to eunice kennedy shriver. thousands of people lined the streets of hyannis, mass. to watch the procession. special olympics athletes led the procession to honor the woman who founded those games. the funeral is for invited guests only. she died tuesday at the age of 88. >>> it was the music festival that defined a generation. we will talk a little bit more about woodstock in just a little bit. it is afforded anniversary. first, we want to turn to the weather. >> looking outside, there are sti
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2